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RØDELink Performer Kit

보컬 퍼포먼스 및 발표용 디지털 무선 오디오 시스템

RØDELink Performer Kit 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
RØDELink Performer Kit 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
RØDELink Performer Kit 사진

Introducing the RØDELink Performer Kit

The RØDELink Performer Kit consists of the new TX-M2 Transmitter, a Wireless Handheld Condenser Microphone based on the RØDE M2 Live Condenser Microphone, and new RX-DESK Desktop Receiver.

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25 판매 온라인 소매업체 RØDELink Performer Kit

  • TX-M2(고급형 콘덴서 마이크), RX-DESK (데스크톱 리시버), LB-1 리튬 이온 충전식 배터리 포함
  • Series II 2.4 GHz 디지털 전송
  • 128비트 암호화 시그널
  • 최대 8기의 키트까지 동시 운용 가능
  • 핸들링 노이즈 저감
  • 최대 100m* 사용 범위
  • LB-1 충전식 배터리 또는 AA 배터리(2개) 전원 공급
  • 뮤트 스위치
  • 설계 및 제조국: 오스트레일리아

고급형 핸드헬드 콘덴서 마이크(TX-M2)와 데스크톱 리시버로 구성된 RØDELink 퍼포머 키트는 강의, 세미나 Q&A, 발표, 각종 행사 및 라이브 공연에 최적의 성능을 제공합니다. RØDELink 리시버와 원터치 페어링 연결을 지원하는 본 마이크는 제품에 포함된 RØDE LB-1 리튬 이온 배터리, 또는 AA 배터리(2개)로 전원 공급이 가능합니다.

RØDELink는 직관적인 연결 범위 및 성능을 제공하므로 수동 채널 선택 없이 연결 후 곧바로 사용을 시작할 수 있습니다. RØDELink는 동시에 2개의 채널을 통한 Series II 2.4GHz 암호화 디지털 전송 방식을 적용해 가장 감도가 높은 신호를 자동으로 선택하며, 사용자의 오디오에 대해 유선 연결 방식 못지않은 안정성과 보안성을 제공합니다.

퍼포머 키트 제품은 TX-M2, RX-DESK, LB-1 리튬 이온 충전식 배터리, 마이크 클립 및 전용 케이스, 마이크로 USB 케이블로 구성되어 있으며, 2년 연장 보증을 제공합니다*.

가장 가까운 RØDE 판매점을 검색하려면 여기를 클릭하세요.

* LB-1 은 연장 보증 기간에 포함되어 있지 않습니다.

RØDELink Performer Kit 제품 사양
RØDELink Performer Kit 제품 사양
Transmission type2.4 Ghz Fixed Frequency Agile System
System dynamic range118dB
Range (distance)Up To 100m*
Frequency range35Hz - 20kHz
Maximum output level+18dBu
Max input signal level140dB SPL
Max latency4ms
Receiver (RX - DESK)
Power sourceDC Power Pack 15v 1A Or DC Power Pack
AntennaExternal Diversity Antenna
Output connectionBalanced XLR / Unbalanced 1/4" Jack
Dimensions208mm(W) X 37mm(H) X 166mm(D)
Transmitter (TX - M2)
Power sourceBatteries Or USB
AntennaDiversity Antenna Located At The Bottom Of The TX - M2
Input connectionN/A
Dimensions40mm(W) X 256mm(H) X 40mm(D)
RØDELink Performer Kit 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
RØDELink Performer Kit 비디오 플레이리스트 보기
RØDELink Performer Kit 상품평
RØDELink Performer Kit 상품평

“The TX-M2 microphone sounds fantastic, it gets very good battery life at over 10 hours per charge, and it has a lot of flexibility as you can use it with AA batteries. Overall I think this a really nice addition to my kit for my live performance recordings, and I’m looking forward to using it more.”

Curtis Judd

“The Performer Kit offers a clever mix of features and engineering that delivers license free wireless in a decent package at an attractive price. I found the audio quality at least equal to more expensive systems and certainly a real bonus at the price. All in all - a good Performer.”

Alistair McGhee
Audio Media International

“The RØDELink system provides an effective and affordable solution for anyone needing a radio mic. It sounds just like a RØDE wired M2 mic and works reliably over a more than adequate range without fuss. It can be used in systems of up to eight channels without the hassle or the expense of a licence, and the TX/RX components are fully compatible with other RodeLink, Filmmaker and Newsshooter products.”

Sound on Sound
RØDELink Performer Kit 지원
자주 묻는 질문
  • What is the operating range of the RØDELink wireless system?+
    • The RØDELink system has an operating range up to 100m (~110 yards), however as with all wireless transmission devices this operating range can be influenced by external factors.

      The RØDELink system operates in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum which is shared with common wireless transmission devices such as WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens and more. The more 2.4GHz devices that are simultaneously running in the same location as your RØDELink system, the more congested this 2.4GHz frequency spectrum will be, cutting down the signal strength and overall operating range for all 2.4GHz devices. In a very busy 2.4GHz environment you may find your RØDELink system is unable to maintain its maximum operating range.

      Signal travelling distance is also another possible factor. This refers to the physical distance between the Receiver (RX) and Transmitter (TX). An unobstructed line of sight between the two devices will provide the shortest possible signal travelling distance, therefore the strongest signal. If the signal needs to travel through, or around walls and other objects, this lengthens your signal travelling distance, reducing overall signal strength.

      For more information on the 2.4GHz spectrum with your RØDELink system watch the video below.

  • Can I use multiple RØDELink kits at the same time?+
    • Yes, RØDELink systems have been tested for use with up to 8 kits operating in the same area under optimum conditions without problem.
      It is important to note that the more kits you have operating simultaneously, the more likely you are to experience a decrease in their useable range. This is also relative to the environment you are operating in and depending on the amount of 2.4Ghz devices that are active at the time of use, your useable range may be less than the optimum distance.

      If a complex setup is required or you want to use multiple RØDELink systems, we strongly recommend testing your setup in the same active environment you intend to use it. This will allow you to assess the signal strength surrounding you and any range restrictions you’ll need to be aware of during operation.

      When using multiple RØDELink kits you will also want to space the receivers apart for optimal performance. This only needs to be a minimum of 10-15cm and typically will only affect usage in congested RF environments as well as when larger transmitting distances are required. Always make sure that your receivers (Rx) are orientated so that the antennas are forward facing (when using the Rx-CAM this will occur naturally if the kits are mounted via the provided cold shoe mount and the display is facing the camera operator).

  • How does ‘Signal to Noise Ratio’ affect my RØDELink’s range?+
    • Take for example a small room with no people in it, you are trying to hold a conversation with someone across the room, you’ll probably need to be standing within 4-5 meters of that person for them to be able to hear you speaking at a normal level. Now, consider being in the same room but instead filled with 20 people talking at once, you’ll need to be much closer than a meter for that same person you were trying to hold a conversation with to hear you speaking at normal level, reducing the distance between you.  

      Think of yourself as the transmitter, your friend the receiver, your speaking voice the signal and all the other people speaking around you to be the ‘noise’. The greater the ‘noise’ level (other signals in the 2.4Ghz spectrum), the closer the ‘transmitter’ and ‘receiver’ will need to be to successfully communicate with each other.

      Of course, there is technology that can help with the background noise. Each RØDELink system transmits on two frequencies simultaneously and its series II 2.4Ghz technology is constantly searching for and hopping between the strongest frequencies to transmit on, ensuring the best possible communication between transmitter and receiver. However, understanding that the 2.4Ghz ‘noise’ will affect the range which the RØDELink systems can transmit will help ensure you allow for the best setup within your requirements.

  • How do I optimize my RØDELink’s range and performance?+
    • Understanding both the environment you are operating in as well as exactly what the oppositional factors mean and how they might affect performance is key to optimising your RØDELink setup.

      1. The biggest impact on performance will of course be interference from other devices in the area you intend to use your RØDELink system. Wi-Fi access points are the most common interferer in the 2.4Ghz spectrum, so a simple way of identifying how many access points are available in an area is to take a quick look at how many you can see on your smartphone. The more access points, the higher the interference potential.
      2. If you have identified that you are operating in a congested 2.4Ghz environment, you’ll then want to consider how these interferers will impact the RØDELink’s performance.  As a general rule, 3 access points, being heavily used in the same area will cause the 2.4GHz frequency band to be used up and you will see a large reduction in range performance of the RØDELink system.  However, distance between the interferers and the RØDELink system can help this. For optimum RØDELink performance you should aim to keep the distance between your transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) to less than the distance between any interfering device and the transmitter or receiver.
      3. Wherever possible, you will want to keep your Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) in direct line of sight. This means that there are no objects at all between the two. Understandably the transmitter (Tx) may at times need to be hidden depending on the scenario you are using it in, however the RØDELink’s range can be further optimised by ensuring there is nothing impeding the signal transmission.
      4. The orientation of the antenna in your RØDELink kit during operation will also help optimise the systems performance. The Rx-CAM will be oriented correctly if mounted via the cold shoe mount which it ships with as standard. If the shoe is not being used you should aim to have the bottom of the receiver (opposite side to the screen) pointing towards the transmitter.

RØDELink Performer Kit에 대한 질문 또는 지원 문의사항이 있으시면 연락처 페이지를 통해 저희에게 연락하시거나 지역 판매 업체를 방문하십시오.