10,000 Ft - Christian Short Film - [ Watch in HD ] - English Subtitles

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This is the BTS video of our 10,000 Ft short film. In this video, we explain the motive behind making this film and we also explain how we made this film from story phases to technical aspects.
We took 5 days to shoot this film by climbing huge mountains. It was an amazing experience. But due to hot weather, we struggled to shoot some scenes as the iPhone we used to shoot always became disabled due to overheating. However, we managed to complete the shots on the time as we expected and we also used many Rode Microphones to record various sounds and vocals. This is indeed a new experience for us to focus on recording sound effects with Rode Microphones and we got excellent results using them. We recorded vocals using Rode VMP+ connecting to an interface with the help of Rode VXLR and TRS cable. We used VideoMicro and VideoMic Me -L to record outdoor sounds. Actor Prem used SmartLav+ to record sounds hiding in his hoodie connected to his device. This film gave us more experience and we hope to improve our work by doing more work.

Gears we used
Camera: Apple iPhone & Tripod
Rode Microphones:
1. VMP+
2. VideoMicro
3. VideoMic Me - L
4. SmartLav+
5. SC7 Cable

Our team
Director: Prasanna
Photography: Vinay
Staring and Editing: Prem
Sound Director: Bhanu
Writer: Sampurna Devi

사용된 RØDE 기기:

VideoMic Pro+
VideoMic Me-L