Lauren Theodore


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For the creation of our film Aboulomania we decided to film in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. We filmed at a variety of 2 locations, one being at a house and the other being at an open piece of land filled with grass, reeds, cacti and more. At the house we shot scenes in the bathroom, bedroom and garage. During the filming period we used the Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone to capture audio and a Canon 600d and Samsung Galaxy s8 plus for video recording. When editing our material Adobe Premiere Pro was used for editing the film and Pinnacle studio for editing the behind the scenes. When editing any audio of the film we then made use of Pro Tools to perfect the sound we would want. Some techniques used in creating Aboulomania are close shots of the actress to create a sense of relatability and show emphasis in emotion. Static shots were also used to convey passivity of the indecision portrayed by the actress. More techniques like track-in shots, over-the-shoulder shots and zoom shots were also used, in a way that would help make the film come alive and evoke the appropriate emotion.

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