Natalie Grube & Luca Fox


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For AFK we used cutting edge technology from Rode - the Rode Bio. A cyborg animatronic, essentially a human-looking robot with all the skills (and more) of any top range camera on the market. The most popular Rode Bio camera comes in the child version, as it is light and easy to transport, plus image resolution and audio are spectacular. Plus, they are super cute - eliciting the absolute best response from any actor. The Rode Bio Mini can fit into a suitcase, climb a tree, ride a bike - even drive a car. This is the future! AFK is a film about robots, filmed by robots. You can't get much more space age than that!

(P.S. For back up shots, we also used the Rode NTG3, the Rode Boompole, Blimp and DeadWombat, plus two Rode Link Lavalier Microphones ;)

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