Aidan McGuire

Smart. // My Rode Reel 2019 (A Short Film)

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This film was shot entirety on the Sony HX80 camera. For all of the dialogue, we used a rode video micro and recorded audio off site. We then synced the audio with the video in post production and added room tone to make the audio seamless. All of the music and sound effects used in my film are from the Youtube Audio Library which offers hundreds of royalty free audio for creatives to use to projects.

There was a lot of thought that went into each and every shot of this film. While there might not be a ton of moving shots each was strategically placed to give the intrusive feel that the technology is always watching.

We shot this film in 2 days (one day for audio and one for video) and had a very minimal budget. Using free post production software (Kdenlive) and other resources at hand, me and my team were able to create something truly original and we hope to not only entertain viewers but also to inspire them to pursue film making no matter their budget.

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