Elie H.

The First Step (My RODE Reel)

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Thie biggest challenge when making this movie was time because it was not the original movie intended to be submitted to my Rode Reel. We had to change our plans as some irreplecable actors for the short action couldn't make it (as they were the only who had airsofts and navy outfits to use - for free- in my city). That was due to the fact that I've waited for my script to be perfect before calling them because I was afraid it wouldn't be good enough, and when I did call them, it was too late. That's how the idea of "The first step" was born.

So we had less than two weeks to produce this one from location scouting to the final edit. We began filming the weekend before the deadline and I had the two remaining days to compose the music and edit the video. The voice-over was done the night before submission with my Rode VideoMicro. The moral of the story is not to wait that everything is perfectly lined-up before starting. Planning is good but at some point you have to dive before it's too late.

Camera : Sony a6300
Lenses : 16-50mm + 35mm 1.2 (with a DIY filter to get anamorphic shots on some scenes that needed no autofocus because this one is fully manual)
Microphone : RODE Video Micro
Location : My Training Box - Hotel "Le Louvres" (All for free, wonderful people in there)
Gears rented : Crane 2 and one Godox LED (stability is a must to enhance that "cinematic feel")

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