CubCreation - (Caleb Franks + Keaton Wieser)

"ONE" Short Film | MyRODEReel Short Film Competition

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I wanted to tell a story based around the idea of "oneness", how a husband and his wife come together and become one. And to show no matter what happens or what they go through, they still choose to come back to each other and be faithful to each other.
I wanted to film this as if I was making a documentary instead of a narrative, so for certain scenes, I let the actors get carried away with the scenes, and I just act as a fly on the wall.
I wanted the film to take place mostly in the bedroom because a bedroom is a place of vulnerability and intimacy, and in a deeper sense for a married couple, a place where they can be naked and unashamed.
For equipment we used:
Sony A7sii
SmallHd focus 5"
24 + 50 millimeter Rokinon Cine lens
Rhino Rig (Cage only)
Newwer 5 in 1 Reflector/Diffuser/Negative
RODE ntg2 mic.
RODE Windshield
Zoom H6
China Ball Lantern
Shower Curtain
Moving Blanket

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