Rahul Kumar

The Nightmare | My Rode Reel 2019

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This film was a very challenging one for us. As listening to the story of my friend it was the scene of night so i too found it right for shooting the film at that time.
But instead of that i thought of shooting the film in as dark as possible. using very less light.
One light we used was the led light covered with blue gelatin paper to create a great mood, so that is also why we struggled with our more iso and the footages shot on the phone was affected the most with this.
But we still tried to create as much sense as possible.
We tried to create a mood of suspense and horror and got it right in most part as we could have done, even looking at our resource.
The location was the corridor of our old house which was so dirty which we cleaned before doing anything. The whole film was shooted handheld even in that condition.
So i will like to thanks Rode for organising such a beautiful competition and giving us chance to create such an interesting film. We used Canon 6d mark ii with its kit lens and our phone samsung galaxy M20 and even used the beautiful rode mic Rode VideoMic Go.

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