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"O.R.I.O.N" was filmed on a SONY A7III. We had a 5 hour shoot day to film two scenes with a week long preparation leading up. Our crew consisted of Blake Bodden (Director of Photography), Michael Morris (On-Set Sound Recording), Jessica Roberston (Executive Producer), Freddie McCray (Story by, ORION), and Brett Newton (Director, Story by, DR. SIMON GOLDMAN). The rest of our cast consisted of the beautiful Ann-Marie Sepe (ROXY HEART), DJ Murray (THUG 1) and Brandon Germaine (THUG 2).

Editing took approximately 16 hours, using ADOBE Premier PRO, and PluralEyes.
Audio Equipment on set RODE NTG2
On-Camera Audio for BTS Vid RODE VIDEO MIC PRO

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VideoMic Pro