Aperture 5

Out of Time - My RODE Reel short film 2019

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The location used is a western reenactment town based in the UK that we had the pleasure of using for our film.

The technique we used varied as we had a clash of two genres, one being western and the other sci-fi. The beginning of the film we had a lot of close ups that held on the screen to build tension and then as the film progresses the cuts become a little bit quicker and we get more movement in the camera shots to give the sci-fi element a quicker feel and pace on screen.

In terms of products we used our trusty Canon 600D to shoot the film on to attempt create a clear and colourful image. For sound we purchased a RODE Video Mic to ensure we got the crisp and clear sound that we would want from our film and experimented with using it on a boom pole for the first time to capture the audio in detail.

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