Wishful Wish | My Rode Reel 2019

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We used Rode NT1-A for the narration and the other voices that can be heard in the beginning of the movie because of two reasons, it produces good audio quality and only the studio we visited is the only one with a rode microphone and the recording costed us $20. For the video clips we used a Nikon D3100 with a 18-55mm lense attached to it. Due to the fact that we are financially unstable and also that we are mere students at a university studying nothing related to filmmaking but are just passionate, we didn't have all the proper equipment to make our video look more cinematic and Hollywood kind of movie. The shooting was very simple, take the camera, be still and let's take a kind of stable video. We also had no lighting equipment so we made use of the sun. Since were running on an almost zero budget, we couldn't find the locations that could match our script so we had to improvise and we used nearby locations which were very close to the University (European University of Lefke) where everyone could reach so easily. For some of the clips on the BTS, we used a Samsung J7 pro, fujifim camera and the Nikon D3100.

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