Ryan Scott

On the Bowl - My Rode Reel 2019

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I filmed at the Broughton & District Bowling and Tennis Clubs and in and around the rest of the village. I used the Canon 1200D (with a 18mm - 55mm lens, 75mm - 300mm lens and Yongnuo 50mm prime lens), a Neewer Camera Stabilizer, a Rode SmartLav+ (plugged into my phone and recording on the Rode Reporter app) and edited it all on Premiere Pro 2019.

I got in touch with the club through email and when they responded approving of the project, I went down with my kit and spent a day interviewing and talking to people and then another couple of days gathering B-Roll at the club and around the village. I wanted it to feel laid back so as to ease the interviewees when filming them but also so that relaxed feeling that the villagers have around eachother and when playing can be felt through the film.

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