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Rode Reel 2019 | "Zombie Alien Porn!" - Comedy Skit

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"Alien Zombie Porn" is a short film about 3 people that want to make a movie. This film takes place at the Diamond B Ranch/Lodge in Creola Ohio. We shot everything on a Canon EOSM; 80-200 Cosina, 15-45 Canon. For lighting, we used what we call "4B" and "5k." The "4B" is a light bar with 4 sockets, from there we have 2 warm bulbs and two cool bulbs. The "5k" is a 5 Thousand Luman LED Work Light. For audio, we used the Rode Video Mic Pro, which if I am being honest was far better than what I was expecting. I've never owned anything Rode until this production, and I certainly plan to use it in every shoot. The Vid Mic is connected to an H4N Pro to capture our sound. Our boom poll broke so we tossed the mic onto a light stand. For our "techniques," I used a basic 2 point lighting set up with practical light use; for camera shots, we just followed the basic rule of "The Line" or "180 Rule." The story of this film was thrown together in less than 15 minutes, we had an original horror short film planned to submit to Rode and we had a 4-day window to make it. Two days of bad luck and recasting, we were down to two days; therefore we tried to shoot this film and failed fromlack of time. Director Dakota Dunn woke up early way before everyone else to plan

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