My Rode Reel 2017 - Short Film - Siri Survivor


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This Film shows a guy stranded in the woods and asks his phone how to survive...


Jonah Brandt

Microphone Operator

Evan Amsrud

Camera Operator

Sam Brand


The Concept of this film is about a guy stranded in the wood with nothing but his phone. The "joke" was the guy doesn't use his phone to get help but uses it in a non productive way.

The location was in a wooded area around my house. I shot in the day time because I didn't have any studio lights. I just used 1 practical light witch is the sun. The gear we used was our Nikon D5300 DSLR I had laying around and with the Rode VideoMic as our microphone.

~ Directed & Edited By: Jonah Brandt

~ Camera Operator: Evan Amsrud

~ Actor: Sam Brand