Bar Fly (2017 RODE REEL)

Spilt Juice
장르: 코미디 드라마
성인 콘텐츠

사용된 RØDE 기기:

VideoMic Pro
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

추가 정보:

Our story is about bullying, and about how we easily tell the story of someone else who has been mistreated without empathy...the rest is really up to you to work out.

Spilt Juice



We shot at 10 different locations in 2 days, this included shooting as we travelled from location to location in order to save time.

This was a run-and-gun no-budget shoot like no other. With so many locations and shots to get, and a couple of sequences requiring a lot of extras, co-ordinating and executing the shoot was challenging but came together in the end.