MyRodeReel 2017 - FLY

Joan Niell i Macias
장르: 드라마 음악

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We are Anna Calderón and Joan Niell. We’ve done this film to participate in the contest MyRodeReel. Our Short film tells the story of a young girl who learns how to enjoy life just by following her passion which is dancing. What we are trying to say is that no matter what is your situation, passion is what makes you special.

Joan Niell i Macias

Joan Niell

Camera Operator

Anna Calderón


Amal Abdeslami


Eduard Plaja


We've shoot our short film using the "Rode VideoMic Rycote" and with a Canon 700D stabilized with a glidecam, recorded with sigma 30mm. Our team is formed by just 2 people Joan Niell, the director and editor, and Anna Calderón the writer and producer. With the help of both of our actors Amal Abdeslami and Eduard Plaja.

We've been differents locations. Mostly Caldes de Malavella, Barcelona and Girona.

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