Ash Walmsley

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Mangroves are not what they seem. See beyond this protected species to the evil below.

Ash Walmsley

Ash Walmsley

Camera Operator
Sound Recordist

"Surrounded" is an evil nature documentary.
The personal challenge set was to create a film while on a holiday at the Queensland fishing hamlet of Turkey Beach. (Yes really, that's it's actual name.)
Shot with a Nikon 3300 DSLR using a Rode Video Micro to capture the sounds, the film is about encapsulating the feel and eeriness of mangroves.
A GoPro was used to capture the in-boat and underwater footage.
To give an extra element of mystery, a sound track was laid over the top featuring a didgeridoo and plucked guitar strings. These were recorded with a Rode iXY and an iPhone with the Rode Reporter app, inside a walk-in wardrobe because of it's sound absorbing qualities.
The behind-the-scenes piece-to-camera utilised a Rode VideoMic Me on the iPhone, just for good measure.