The Beggar - My Rode Reel 2017

Pictoris Creative
장르: 드라마 코미디
성인 콘텐츠

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Coincidence? Destiny? Two people at opposite ends of society meet, leading to an unexpected outcome.

Pictoris Creative

Kerrin McLean

Director of Photography

Mark Nicholson

Art Department

My Rode Reel 2017 - BTS

Gear: Panasonic GH3, Panasonic 12-35mm ,Voitlander Nokton 17.5mm & 42.5mm, Freefly Movi M5, Kessler-Crane Shuttle Dolly Mini, SmallHD AC7, Rode Microphones RodeLink.

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 & Logic Pro X.