In Cold Blood | My Rode Reel 2017

Rana Prathap Avuti
장르: 드라마 공포
성인 콘텐츠

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A film editor working on a documentary, (In Cold Blood) about crimes of passion, snaps in and out of reality. The constant repetitive exposure to the violent imagery disturbs him mentally. He succumbs to his financial pressures eventually losing his mind.

Rana Prathap Avuti

Aravapalli Aravind Swamy


Salman Khan


Tarun Madupu

Sound Recordist

Camera: Canon 700D
Editing: FCP X 10.2.3
Mic: Rode VideoMic

The editing of the film is based on the sound design created from sounds collected using the mic primarily. The ability of the mic to pick up minute sounds when pointed at the action was totally relied upon and the results were great.