Soy de la Monada - RØDE Reel entry

Droz Band
장르: 액션 음악

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DeadCat VMPR

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"Soy de la monada" by Droz band show us a war between the two main caracteres from the band, "Droz" the monkey and its enemy "Stalin". This military battlefield immerse with explosions, zombies and guns will end up with the dispute of power that both are willing to win.

Droz Band

Bernardo Henriques


Mijail Constante

Director of Photography

Elias Llanos

Camera Operator

Andres Sosa

Sound Recordist

Andre Candelario

Art Department

In our video we used a few controlled explosions, blackmagic equipment for recording, a full controlled tv set , CGI characters and environments, Adobe Software for editing and postproducing, Rode Microphones and equipment to make direct audio recording. And a staff of almost 20 persons.