A Game Changer TVC - The Rode Reel 2017

Sirisha Akshintala
장르: TVC

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A simple attempt to show how Rode is effective enough to change the Gentlemen's game. Here Rode Micro is 3rd Umpire.

Sirisha Akshintala

Sirisha Akshintala

Director of Photography

Sandya P

Creative Crew
Behind The Scenes

Deepak M

Art Department
Creative Crew

Soban Gul

Creative Crew

Once again, this concept was the outcome of a discussion that hardly lasted for a few minutes. However, the execution was highly challenging as we were using props to execute the concept. We drew different facial expressions on the green and the peach ball and the bat just to make them look lively. We had to poke the balls with a screwdriver and held them with the help of the latter. We could show their movements that way. We used a green yoga mat to give it a look of a cricket ground. All of us were in favour of natural light. The first few scenes went well but gradually dark clouds curtailed the sunlight. For over 15 minutes, we struggled to shoot in the dim natural light wedded with the light of an LED bulb.
Fortunately, the clouds stepped aside for some time and we utilized that period of time to finish off the remaining shots.

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