Don´t Quit | short film - MyRodeReel 2017 (4K)

Track and Field Films
장르: 드라마

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Don´t Quit is a short film about the way of an injured athlete from the accident back on the track.

Track and Field Films

Tim Peters

Director of Photography

Fabian Haßa

Assistant Director

Felix Bornhofen


We want to say with this movie that when you have a dream or a goal in your life you want to archieve, don´t ever give up until you are there, no matter what comes in between!

Felix Bornhofen (as the athlete)
Fabian Haßa (as the physiotherapist and a sprint opponent)
Tim Peters (as the doctor and a sprint opponent)

written and directed by Tim Peters
Film edited by Tim Peters
BTS edited by Fabian Haßa

Shot on the Panasonic GH5 and on the DJI Phantom 3
(for the shot in the gym we used a samsung S7)
On Camera Sound by the Rode VideoMicro
Post Production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC

I have to add that we were only three people, so we weren´t able to film that much bts material because most of the time we all three were needed at the set.

We hope you enjoyed our entry :)