The Devil to Pay - Rode Reel 2017

Danial Marzuki
장르: 공포 드라마

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VideoMic Pro

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A man with no memory of his past is trapped inside his own conscience. His only goal is to escape the locked room and be free of the eternal suffering. He discovers more about his past as he seeks out for freedom. (This supposedly long film was compressed into 3 minutes due to the time limit)

Danial Marzuki

Danial Marzuki


Kingsley Zhen Wei

Director of Photography

Gerald Anyi

Creative Crew

Lim Jih-Ming

Creative Crew

Cheyenne Tang


Yu Ern Hsueh

Make Up Artist
Art Department

Used Canon 100 Mk11 w/ 50mm lens and Rode VideoMic pro for the shooting. Color graded with Da Vinci Resolve. Edited with Premiere Pro CS6 and Audacity.

Written by Gerald Anyi
Directed by Danial Marzuki

Director of Photography: Kingsley Zhen Wei

Starring Cheyenne Tang, Lim Jih Ming, Gerald Anyi and Danial Marzuki

Make up artist: Yu Ern Hsueh

** We did not burn actual money. The stacks of money that were shown in the video are fake ***

This took us 2 days to shoot and about 4 days to edit the film and the BTS footages together.

The original film has better pacing and fits well with the narrative while this 3 minute film is just a summary of the original. The script was initially written for the original film.

Watch the BTS