Binary Eyes - My RØDE Reel - 2017

Vittoria Merlino Dentice
장르: 음악

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Three men walk through a hedge maze, awakening the environment with their disruptive presence. Concerned with only with themselves they don't notice their new friends leering around them.

Vittoria Merlino Dentice

Vittoria Merlino Dentice

Costume & production designer

Quais Waseeq

Director of Photography

Courtney Ruge

Hair and Make-up designer

Mareike Winkelmann

Hair and Make-up Artist

Products -
SONY A7S mark 2
VideoMic & shockstand

Location - Amazement Park, NSW.
I alway create my story before I think of any production issues, which often leads me into trouble. There are only 3 hedge mazes around Sydney (when I say Sydney I mean a minimum of 1.5 hours away). 2 of them where completely unkept and didn't give me much room to shoot. 'Amazement' park was our best option. We only had a few areas where the density of the hedges was full enough to sell the idea. .

Technique- Handheld
We didn't have much budget so whatever money we did have I wanted it to go towards the location, design & make up because there's no point in having an amazing camera if there isn't anything to shoot.
However I opted for handheld over tripod for a more organic, flow/ dream effect.
'Binary eyes' by Crystal Cities has upbeat instrumentals and slow vocals which allured me mix the motions and camera movements.

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