Sheets - My Rode Reel 2017

Ben Allen Films
장르: 코미디 공포

사용된 RØDE 기기:

VideoMic Pro
DeadCat VMPR

추가 정보:

A young boy awakes at a spooky hour of the night, and needs to pee.
He struggles to leave the warmth of his bed, although he manages to convince himself - only to meet his end.

Ben Allen Films

Ben Allen


Lachie Campbell


Tristan Evans


Carmel Allen

Production Assistant

Throughout filming 'Sheets' I used the rode Videomic Pro and the Rode Boompole, and a Tascam Recorder, to record dialogue and foley.
Most of the film was shot using the Panasonic GH4, although a few shots here and there were using the newer Panasonic GH5.
The lighting used was two LED panels with CTB gels for a 'moonlight' feel, along with a tungsten bulb attached to a wooden pole.
A small fog machine was also used to create atmosphere throughout most of the scenes.

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