LENS | My RØDE Reel 2017

Ben Coope
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Len Metcalf is an Australian Photography educator and mentor with a supportive teaching style. He has been called "the photographer’s Photographer".
This video was a great excuse to catch up with Len, discuss photography and creativity in the beautiful Blue Mountains.

Ben Coope

Jenni Coope

BTS Filming

Ben Coope


Our shoot day was packed, 2 hr drive up the mountains, a few hours in the field with Len in the morning, then back to setup and film the interview in Katoomba, and then back down to Sydney. Also had a quick shoot at Len's studio in Sydney to get some extra footage later in the week.

Shot on Sony A7s and A7rII using a Ronin-m and Ninja Flame 4k recorder. On the cameras we used Rode Videomics, and interview/VO was recorded with the Videomic, and Rode filmmaker kit into a Sound devices Mixpre-3, and some additional audio was recorded with the Rode Procaster.
BTS was filmed by Jenni and recorded on a DJI Osmo with VideoMicro attached.
Many thanks to Len Metcalf and Jenni Coope for your help and support.