Mitch Kendall SMith
장르: SF 드라마

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In a subtlety dystopian future. A scavenger (Big) waits out the storm. His inner longing for friendship is overcast by the threat of the storm. After little offers humanity: Big finds out the distances he will go to comfort and reassure his new friend.

Mitch Kendall SMith

mitch kendall smith

Sound Mixer

Louis Cruzat


Jason Cleaver


Gabriel Stone


Alex Pugh


After knowing the story I wanted to tell: I had no idea how to do any real 3D work. I knew the story would need two full CG droids. I started to wing it and make the robots learning by trail and error. It was a great way to learn but had it's issues as there was nobody to stop me, and say "don't do that - you'll have to reverse engineer it five hours later". After the project hard drive crashed: I was left with nothing but a low resolution copy of a few renders. With less than a month to go, we hard to start from scratch.

I used 3Ds MAX, After Effects, Premiere, Audition and the music was made using Logic.

A key issue was managing render times. Some renders could take up to sixty hours a piece. I learnt that compositing is the key to 3D work. If you pay attention to grain, focus, chromatic aberration, colour and contrast: everything else becomes secondary.
The film was definitely a struggle but a lot of fun to make. It's not perfect but with the time: I'm proud of all the work done.

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