Treasure Hunt - My Røde Reel 2017

Lastminute Productions
장르: 드라마

사용된 RØDE 기기:

Stereo VideoMic X

추가 정보:

A story of perspective.

Lastminute Productions

Matthew Lang

Director of Photography

Chelsea Lee

Provided bloody shirt prop

Lauren Pelegreen

BTS Videographer

Courtney Marshall

Map Artist

Joseph Pelegreen


Created by the two man crew of Joseph Pelegreen and Matthew Lang, Treasure Hunt was shot in a day and utilized a Røde NTG2 and a Røde Stereo VideoMic X. The lead was played Meagan “ThaBug” Pelegreen, in her onscreen debut. We would like to thank Chelsea Lee for the bloody shirt, Courtney Marshall for her beautiful map, Ross McFerrin for the fog machine, and Lauren Pelegreen the majority of our BTS footage.

Treasure Hunt was shot on a Sony a7s ii, chosen primarily for its incredible low light capabilities. Due to our one day shooting schedule, most of the setups were on sticks with a handful being shot using a Ronin M rig. A Zoom H6 paired with the NTG2 captured our audio while the Ronin was in use, and was essential as we captured foley the following day. The Stereo VideoMic X was always mounted to our camera when we were handheld or on sticks.

Pre-production was mostly handled by Joseph, from writing to gathering gear and props, while Matthew took over in post, most notably by composing the score in a matter of two days. The two collaborated heavily for a day and a half prior to shooting, drawing up storyboards and testing different camera setups.

Meagan Pelegreen is the youngest sister of Joseph Pelegreen, and she considers Matthew a brother as well. Currently in her first months of drama class, she has always wanted to be in a Lastminute production. Matthew coming back to Dallas for a week presented itself as the perfect opportunity to shoot something for her to star in, and thus Treasure Hunt was born.

Joseph Pelegreen and Matthew Lang, Lastminute Productions