Quit Stalling

Rage Kage

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How long can one man hold it in?

Rage Kage

Kerry Glennon

Camera Operator

Jack Nickolic

Sound design and acting

Michael Griffin

Sound recordist and camera assistant and acting

We were lucky in that filming only required one location (my old high school) so that was a huge weight off our shoulders. Besides that the only difficulty we had shooting was dealing with a dirty bathroom floor, teenage boys can be absolutely disgusting. And also chasing natural light due to the fact we could only film after school hours and it's winter right now in Melbourne so we had minimal shoot time.

ADR was a bit of a struggle as you can see from the video, we needed a pop filter but nothing was working. In the end we wrapped a pair of happy pants around a coat hanger and I held it while jack spoke - worked out pretty well haha.