Horseradish - My RØDE Reel 2017

Pussyfoot Pictures

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Rushed to get out the door, Ned mistakenly eats far too big of a scoop of horseradish.  With his day packed with monumental events, Ned must stomach the pain and attempt to get through his day.

Pussyfoot Pictures

Maxx Capps


John Bonenberger


Kevin Broberg


Kanan Capshaw

Behind The Scenes

Horseradish was shot over the span of two days across various locations. We used the Sony A7s2 with a Zeiss CP.2 25mm lens to photograph the short along with Quasar LEDs to light the sets. We recorded audio externally into a mixer. We mic'd our actors and actresses with the rode filmmaker kit and used the Rode NTG2 shotgun mic as back up in certain scenarios. We shot the entire short in SLOG2 and corrected color in Davinci Resolve Light. We shot the entire short center framed to keep attention of the action, which is the unpleasant, unexpected feeling of a giant scoop of Horseradish.