Matt The Brewer

Kristian 'Mak' McKenna
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Matt Jancauskas is a guy under 30 who is pushing the ever growing craft beer market to a new level. He's making great beer and people are standing up and noticing. This is a guy to watch out for in the future.

Kristian 'Mak' McKenna


Director of Photography
Sound Recordist
Camera Operator

I shot the film in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. Brouhaha Brewery is in the lovely town of Maleny. I always wanted to fly my Phantom 4 up the mountain and this film gave me the perfect excuse to get the bird in the air. I also brought my GoPro Hero 5 for its time-lapse capabilities. My main camera is a Canon XF100. The Rode Mics I used were the NT USB, Rode Broadcaster and the NTG 4+. The BTS film was shot on an iPhone 6 with a VideoMic Me attached.