MY RODE REEL 2017 / FADED (Short Film)

Sam Tanem / Vivien Roeltgen
장르: 드라마

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This short a film is about the thin line between Hope and despair.

Sam Tanem / Vivien Roeltgen

Sam Tanem


Vivien Roeltgen


Alexia Cayrier


Roxane Delye

BTS Camera Operator

Florian Dumonet

Boom Operator

I've got my first camera 2 months ago.
When I first saw the Røde Constest, I was too shy to start filming stuff.
But then I told myself "I need to do it". So that's why we started this project, 2 weeks before the end of the contest, but we've made it !
We use a Panasonic GH5, this movie has been edited on FinalCutPro X and graded with ColorFinalePro. We used a rode VideoMic for the BTS and a Rode NTG 2 for the short film.

This movie was made possible thanks to my best friend who already done some short films and helped me doing the behind the scene.