The House on Newtown Street - MyRødeReel 2017

Hawk Valley Productions
장르: 공포 드라마

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The House on Newtown Street: A suspenseful short...
Strange goings-on in a terraced house in Cumbria.

Slight Disclaimer: The probably doesn't really fit either the 'Horror' or 'Drama' Categories, but those are probably the closest...

Jem Freiesleben
Hawk Valley Productions, 2017

Hawk Valley Productions

Jem Freiesleben


The House on Newtown Street was shot entirely on location in Millom, Cumbria.

For this project I was working as a one-man-band, and the project was completed in just over 2 weeks.

The location is a house which I am currently renovating - because of the high levels of dust, I had a slightly reduced set of equipment:
- Røde Videomic Pro
- Røde Videomicro
- Røde Smartlav+
- Canon 700D and 550D DSLR
- Canon EF 50mm Lens
- Canon EFS 18 - 55mm Lens
- A LOT of dust

Edited with Final Cut Pro X.

Hawk Valley Productions, 2017

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