Kilasumak the Tribal Warrior

Vedanta Life
장르: 드라마 액션

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This is a short-story about self-knowledged, that happens on a tribe where Kilasumak, a warrior persecuted by his fellow friends, wins a battle but is still not recognized as somebody of values. It show the ignorance of the people and the importance of having our own opinion of ourselves.

Vedanta Life

Jonas Masetti


Luciano Giorgio

Director of Photography

We did shoot on a farm on the country side of Brazil, our crew were basically formed by students of yoga philosophy- Vedanta, that did all the costumes, scenario and even the script by them selves. There were no professional actors, camera or editors, and our budget was limited to buy the materials for the set. They did a great job trying to show a way to help people on their path for inner growth.