urban poetry - MY RODE REEL 2017

Anton Guttenberg

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Following the idea of giving those a voice, who are unheard and ignored by the mainstream, I created a poem, which consists of graffitis, that I found on the walls of my hometown.
Enjoy :)

Anton Guttenberg

Anton Guttenberg


Hi, to give you an idea how the production of ''urban poetry'' looked like, I'll structure it in 3 main parts:


To take the pictures I used my panasonic g7, with a 25mm lumix prime lens. It's been a perfect choice, not only because of its size, but also the image quality is quite good. I didn't shoot all of them at one day, but at 3-4 days of wandering through my hometown.


I've never created a poem before, so I've been kind of scared at first, but it turned out acceptable in my opinion. I've actually done it in a few hours, so it's been quite effective. After that I created the voice-over with the help of the røde video micro.


The editing has probably been the most time-consuming part of the production, around 30 hours. I decided to use a, so called, ''scribble-effect'', which brings some life into the pictures.

Anton Guttenberg, 2017