INQUISITOR - My Rode Reel 2017

Mostly Film Productions
장르: SF 드라마

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Earth is the central hub of the U.P.C (United Planetary Conglomerate), a government comprised of colonised planets across the galaxy. After a report of the sudden disappearance of all colonists on an outer rim mining planet, the U.P.C contracts an Inquisitor to investigate. The Inquisitor, a member of a secretive organisation of professional detectives, is dispatched to the planet to gather information that would lead to the solution of the mystery.

Mostly Film Productions

Christopher Stafford

Camera Operator
Location Scout

Sam Finch

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Andy Qualtrough

Camera Operator
Assistant Director of Photography
Behind the Scenes

Claire Hawken

Sound Recordist

Ritchie Crane


Mark Hepton

Prop Department
Location Scout

Sue Stafford

Costume Designer
Location Scout

NTG2 Microphone, Rode Blimp, Rode Boom pole. Majority of the sound effects were recorded foley in post-production using the NTG2. Diegetic sound was captured on set during takes to maintain synchronicity between visuals and sound, sound was recorded externally from the camera and both were marked together with a clapper board for editing.
The location in the quarry provided a good windshield coupled with the Rode Blimp providing fantastic sound quality that helped to ground the scenes that were shot.
The Rode Boom pole allowed us to get closer to the source of the sounds without any noise interference from equipment such as the DJI Ronin.

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