My RØDE Reel 2017 | The Black Flash

Arora Productions
장르: 액션 SF

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Barry Allen is The Flash Also known as "The Scarlet Speedster" with great Speed but is chased by the Enforcer of Speed force "Black Flash" who kill speedsters, Later on The Golden Age Speedster " Jay Garrick takes him out of the chase and calls his Friends "Barry from Earth 50" & "Accelerated-man" 19 to help. Can they Help Barry/Flash From the Black Flash or he will die... Find out what's gonna happen in the Film...

Arora Productions

Nihar Arora

All Of them

Govind Arora


I'm one man Editor, Actually i work on my every short-film alone, and In behind the scenes you will watch my Actual Footage without editing on green screen...
The Film Was shot on Front Camera Of My Oppo F1s
VFX was Edited on After Effects cc 2017
SFX was edited on WounderShare 2015