My RØDE Reel: Brittany - PLUS

James M. Drake Media
장르: 다큐멘터리

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VideoMic GO
Micro Boompole

추가 정보:

My sister-in-law Brittany spent 3 weeks in Chicago studying law. When she returned, I interviewed her about her experience.

James M. Drake Media

James Drake

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist

Brittany Chambliss


This was shot on a Canon 7D Mark II with an 18-55 kit lens.
ISO 320; 23.976 fps; 1/50 shutter; f/4.5; 35mm
Tungsten white balanced.
Key light: Arri 300 Plus
Fill: Aputure Amaran AL-528W
Backlight: Generic 130W can.
Audio: Rode VideoMic Go + SmartLav
VideoMic recorded to Zoom H4n
SmartLav recorded to phone