My Rode Reel 2017 Rode TVC "Shout IT OUT"

Andrew Visualz

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This is my RODE TVC entry for my rode reel 2017. Give elegant but also gives the gist idea of how good the audio from rode video mic is, especially for vloggers. Made it by my self. Equipment :
-Canon 600d
-Canon 700d
-Canon 55-250 lens
-Canon 10-18 lens
-Rode video mic
Rode nt usb

made by Andrew Visualz

Andrew Visualz

Alexander Andrew Mhawira


Rode products that i used was rode videomic and also rode nt usb fro the voiceover. I shot this at my home frugally with pizza spinner from ikea, and 2 lights from aputure. Did it by my self... and also i used music from music bed, and sounf effects from blastwave

Andrew Visualz