The Little Astronaut: My Rode Reel 2017

Angela Houston
장르: SF 드라마

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A little girl who longs to be just like her astronaut father goes on the ride of her life right beofre bedtime.

Angela Houston

Angela Houston

visual effects

Evan Schetgen

Sound Recordist

Helena Haber

assistant director

Keanu Martinez

Camera Operator

Josie Dolan


Swayze Bauer


Eric Barber


Since I was 16 when I started the process of making this short, it was hard to find funding and help, but I did eventually find some people who would work with me. Most of the project was creating the rocket ship and space background. I made the rocket by hand out of cardboard boxes, hot glue, stickers, and paint. The space background was a painting my friend did and I took pictures of it and played with the colors on my computer. We shot at my brother's house, he plays the dad. It was incredibly hard to direct my brother because 1. he isn't an actor, and 2. he is a very literal person so getting him to put his own creative spin on his character wasn't going to happen. Other than that, everything else went pretty well, though it did take 3 months to edit in after effects creating partial layers of stars and moving the pictures of the painting.

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