Little Long Production
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SONORIC PERFECTION is a mockumentary following a foley artist obsessed with his craft; an obsession that his fiancee has to put up with.

Little Long Production

Declan Oppenheim


Jake Reeder


James Ross


Nicole Edwards


Tristan Barr

Audio Engineer

The inspiration for the story came from watching interviews of somewhat pretentious creatives, such as in the Netflix documentary "Abstract: Art of Design". Given that the short film competition was for Rode Microphones, it was a no brainer for our creative to be involved in audio.

We were lent the Kinefinity Kinemax 6K camera and Sigma 18-35mm and 50-100mm T2 T2 Cine High-Speed zoom lenses from CR Kennedy, a local dealer here in Melbourne, Australia. The resolution allowed us to reframe in post, and we needed lenses that could keep up.

Nice clean audio was critical, so we were recording off a Rode NTG3 in a Rode blimp, recording to a zoom H6N.

With a $0 budget we were shooting at one of our homes over two days. It was a bit tricky getting the light how we wanted it with the weather changing constantly, and the sound how we wanted it with cars driving past. We didn't have time for ADR, so we had to work with location sound.

Shooting RAW 6K, we were burning through data. We transcoded the KRWs to ProRes 444, then did all our post production in DaVinci Resolve 14 Public Beta, which included a lot more audio tools for us. This saved us a lot of time not having to round trip between programs.