"First Contact"

Subspace Media
장르: 코미디 SF

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Aliens do exist. Don't They? Of course, they do. After work, a guy tries to convince his friend that aliens do indeed exist. Like everyone else, he doesn't believe him and leaves. Left alone, our protagonist hears some stranges noises and spots a strange light, which he is convinced is: the First Contact.

Subspace Media

Jack Scanlon

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Nathan Santamaria

Sound Recordist
Sound Designer
Boom Pole Op

After Nathan approached me about the MY Rode Reel Short Film Competition, I started writing. Coming together with multiple meetings we figured out the basis for our film and finalized it. I then went off and finished the script, storyboard and shot list, from there we confirmed a location and contacted our actors.

The shooting was a relatively easy experience, shooting late at night, however, posed the biggest challenge. Working with a Canon 650d, my low light performance was not the greatest, it caused shooting to take longer due to the time I spent changing the setting to get the best shot I could. The actors we were working with were my best friends, so shooting, of course, was awesome. We had a laugh and genuine fun making the short film together, however, I had to toe the line of friend and Director/Producer.

Editing didn't quite go as quickly as planned, as Nathan has University and I have a part-time job, it took longer than expected. With so many things on our plates we found time between our other obligations to get it done.