"Mission Improbable" My rode reel 2017

Lost at sea
장르: 코미디 액션

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Find the package. Avoid the target. Survive to fight another day. But we've got to plan the mission first.

Lost at sea

Denise Maher


Chrystal Nair

1st assistant director
Camera Operator
behind the scenes
Creative Crew
script supervisor

Vernon Nel

2nd assistant camera
behind the scenes
Camera Operator
Creative Crew

Nande Flatela

Production assistant

Treven Lee Pillay

boom operator

Sarah Koen


Douie Maher

Make up

Craig Martin

Props designer

We used a Canon 1100D to film the short and a Rode videomicro. we used bedside lamps and bounces for lighting.
Because of crossing over different genre's in Mission Improbable we adjusted shooting style to each of those. from tripod to full on hollywooding it to animation.
Mission room was dark with only them lit up.
The party was shot at a stunning location and all our extras were so awesome getting fully dressed up in black tie.
The army scenes were shot on a farm, in a river by the beach front and in some bushes around the corner.