The Gorkha Dream

ANMOL GURUNG/ Mountain Pictures

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GORKHALAND is THE GORKHA DREAM. It is a place of Self Respect and Ethnic Identity within the Indian Sovereignty.
Sabitri is a common Gorkha woman who is made fun for her speech disorder and she also has THE GORKHA DREAM.

ANMOL GURUNG/ Mountain Pictures

Anmol Gurung

Director of Photography

We had written another script called " THE WALL" but we were abruptly stopped by the GORKHALAND AGITATION.
all of this was taking place in the heart of Kalimpong and Darjeeling a very small town in the NORTHEAST OF INDIA.

An unplanned shoot with a CANON 7D with a 24 mm stm prime lens / JVC HDCAM and the RODE NTG-2 started by following a pumped up MOB. I knew a documentary was in the making.

One among the MOB was a lady named "SABITRI" who was always made fun off for her speaking disorder but she was one of the most sincere activists. All i now did was follow her till darkness and finally convinced her for an interview and then she opened her heart and told us about THE GORKHA DREAM