Fatherhood - My Rode Reel 2017

Thomas Johnstone

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This video describes some of the challenges I have had since becoming a father, and the inspiration that helped me feel confident about this scary new world.

Thomas Johnstone

Thomas Johnstone

Camera Operator
Sound Recordist

The whole thing is very low budget and simple compared to what could be done, but I found it challenging and fun. I am beginning to do more video now, which is exciting.
The product I used was the Rode Reporter App which I used for mainly the narration sequences and a little bit when I spoke directly to the camera. However I found it extremely difficult to syn the audio as there is no syncing ability in editing software (Adobe Premiere Elements 11) so some parts of me talking are without the app.

I filmed in the flat I just moved out of, and to remove the echo when doing the narration I used a mattress to dampen the sound and then audacity for the background noise. I do get a very Casey Neistat vibe from my submission which isn't surprising as he is a huge inspiration to me as an aspiring filmmaker and father.