My Rode Reel 2017 Lechon

Christopher Alzati

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VideoMic Pro

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Like culture food evolves, It evolves over time and location. Cubans who immigrated to the United States brought their culture and tradition, but it evolved into something else. The New Hispanic generation was born of the traditions of many Latin American countries like Cuba. To some this is just food. To me it’s blending old and new ideas to create new traditions and culture.

Christopher Alzati



This production was a small project that I had planned for a while. Being pretty much by myself to shoot as well as cooking everything was a task in on its own. I had organized my project well in advance creating shot lists and finding all the photos I wanted to use. The Rode VideoPro Microphone picked up audio great. The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera isn't known for good audio, but using this mic, the sound of the mixer and chopping noises sounded great with no interference or static.