Covfefe for my RodeReel 2017

Jonathon Telcher
장르: 코미디

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VideoMic GO

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A stylistic parody of President Trump's recent and baffling late night Tweet - Covfefe.
What does it mean? What can we learn?
Are we ready for:

Jonathon Telcher

Jonathon Telcher

Director of Photography

Covfefe and the BTS were both filmed at home in my living room with minimal preparation an fuss. Completely solo, the film works as a short stylistic parody, however some previous knowledge of President Trumps recent cryptic Tweet is required to understand the parody.
I used a Canon 700D with the kit 18-55mm lens, a Rode Videomic Go and Zoom H1 to record sound, and Premier Pro CC17 to edit and colour grade the film.
Solo film making is a challenge to create technically sound story based films with impact.

Watch the BTS