ANNIE | My Rode Reel 2017 | 4K

장르: 액션 드라마

사용된 RØDE 기기:


추가 정보:

A Woman called Annie is kidnapped by a human trafficking gang, finding herself waking up wounded in the middle of her selling deal.


Noam Tryber

Camera Operator

Ohad Peretz

Camera Operator
color corrector
Sound Recordist

It Took :
10 Days for script thinking and writing
4 Days Finding Actors
2 Days Equipment preparation
1 Day Filming
1 Month Editing

We made a lot of effort making this idea come true.
Here you can see how it all looked from behind the scenes.

Equipment’s and Software:
Camera – Sony A6300
BTS Cameras - Canon Powershot sx60 , Canon 65D, Iphone 7
Lenses - Canon 40mm F2.8 & Tamorn 16-300mm F3.5\6.3
Sound Recorder - Zoom + Rode ntg3+, Dead Cat
Editor - Adobe Premiere CS6
Sound - Adobe Audition , Adobe Premiere CS6
VFX - Adobe After Effects CS6
Color - Davinci resolve