My RØDE Reel 2017- The Magic Sound of Sea

Anders Smedberg

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Before the RØDE life was silent, the sea was silent, even sunrises and sunsets missed something…Everything then changed, he brings the sound of life from the sea to his life, he brings the sound of life from the RØDE Go to his own
The man is symbolic with the world, walking by the sea, for the first time enjoying the sunrise, sunset and the world of sound from the sea.

Anders Smedberg

Anders Smedberg


The video was made on the Island of Rhodes; the main change from original product is a try to get similarity in color on the final video, a color that would give the message the video has at its theme, - the experience of sound.

The RØDE microphones are synonymies with excellent sound. What we often do in video making is, forgetting the free sound of nature. One reason to this is the, we have not had the proper tool, the microphone that would give the video maker the close experience of the nature sound, then came RØDE and the life changed for videomakers.