The Emptiness Inside Our Full Bodies (My RØDE Reel 2017)

Antonio Artigas
장르: 드라마

사용된 RØDE 기기:

VideoMic Pro
VideoMic GO

추가 정보:

A short film about friends that not get along together, watch it to get your own conclusions. (You can watch with subtitles by clicking in the subtitles box)

Antonio Artigas

Pedro Casanova


Andrés Ruiz

BTS Camera Operator

Antonio Artigas


For the BTS we used a Rode VideoMic Go, and for the short film a VideoMic Pro, almost the entire film was shot with a Sony Powershot RX100V Camera and only one scene with a GoPro Hero Session, and the BTS with one Canon DSLR t3i (600D).
We shot everything at Brasília (Brazil).
In one of our last scenes we lost the audio file, so we had to improvise.